Accelerated Workshop


November 1-4 2022

First Baptist Church of Altoona

1209 17th St, Altoona, PA 16601

What is BE A FRIEND?

BE A FRIEND is an instructional workshop training believers to invest themselves in the lives of those at risk of being trafficked or exploited for sex. Although this workshop is designed for small groups such as Sunday Schools to go through in 8 or more weeks, we are inviting pastors and church delegates to experience the full 8 hours in 4 days.

Why the Pastors Accelerated Workshop?

  1. For pastors to understand the entirety of the BE A FRIEND material and decide whether or not it would benefit their own congregation and small groups.

  2. To bless the pastors in Blair County, PA. This won’t be a big and flashy event, but our desire is for it to be refreshing and encouraging for you. We are truly thankful for the work you put into serving the body of Christ in Blair County, PA.

Who is it for?

This Pastors Accelerated Workshop is for pastors and church delegates. 

  • BE A FRIEND Alumni may attend the workshop for free. 

  • Attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend with their spouses for no extra charge.

  • If childcare is needed, please contact us before the event. We may or may not be able to provide this also.



9:00AM-9:30AM Registration Opens

9:30AM-10:30AM Introduction - What is Sex Trafficking & What Can We Do About It?

11:00AM-12:00PM Session 1 - Our Circle of Influence



9:00AM-9:30AM Doors Open

9:30AM-10:30AM Session 2 - Recognizing Risk

11:00AM-12:00PM Session 3 - How to Be a Friend



9:00AM-9:30AM Doors Open

9:30AM-10:30AM Session 4 - Boundaries

11:00AM-12:00PM Session 5 - Networking & Resources



9:00AM-9:30AM Doors Open

9:30AM-10:30AM Session 6 - Listen, Document, Respond

11:00AM-12:00PM Review & Debrief

What is Included?

1. 8hrs of prayer, instruction, and discussion led by Caleb Miller (creator of BE A FRIEND & Co-Founder of Regenerate.) as well as a few BE A FRIEND alumni and Regenerate team members.

2. A copy of the BE A FRIEND Study Guide

3. Hot and cold drinks and other refreshments will be available throughout the workshop.

4. Free registration for spouses who wish to attend with their husband or wife.

How Much?


Now - September 15th - 50% off with Coupon Code, EARLIERBIRD2022

September 16th - October 15th - 25% off with Coupon Code, EARLYBIRD2022

October 16th - November 1st - $40.00

Why is it so inexpensive for you to attend? This is a gift to pastors in the Altoona area.

Discussion Leaders

Caleb Miller


Co-Founder & Executive Director of Regenerate

Jennifer Harry

Executive Assistant for Regenerate

Harold Tuggy

Co-Leader of Disciples


In late 2019, my wife, Rachael, was dying from cancer, several Regenerate team members had to step away from their involvement due to difficulties they were facing, and we were planning on closing Regenerate for good. It was at this time that the inspiration for “Be a Friend” was born. It came from a mix of various conversations that caused me to review how the Lord has worked in my life over the years from the time I was a teenager. Several of these conversations were with people who had attended an “Awareness and Action Summit” that Regenerate hosted in 2018. They had learned a lot during the conference and wanted to do something with what they learned, but their question was how to practically apply what they learned to their everyday life. Another conversation was with my pastor, which ended with him saying that he’d be interested in hearing my perspective on outreach and ministry. As I considered these conversations and questions, they started to blend together and take form. In February 2020, I approached the Regenerate Board about creating a workshop called “BE A FRIEND”, rather than shutting Regenerate down, and they agreed. This was how it started, but it was through the work and support of many individuals that made this workshop available for you today.