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Our mission is to prevent men, women, and children from entrapment in the exploitation and trafficking of humanity and to promote a life of freedom, integrity, and hope through Christ's love and gospel.


Human Trafficking Prevention Training

8+ hours of instruction, discussion, and reflection purposed to train Christians, Christian ministries, and churches to prevent human trafficking and exploitation within their community.

Learn To

  1. Identify and prioritize your circle of influence.

  2. Recognize who within your circle of influence is at risk of being exploited.

  3. Be a friend to those at risk, while establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

  4. Network with other believers as a team and utilize the resources within your community.

  5. Respond appropriately to suspicions, reports, and complaints with love.

If you are interested in finding or starting a BE A FRIEND group in your community,

please email to discuss details with executive director, Caleb Miller

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For Christians, Christian Ministries, & Churches

We Offer...

  • Exploitation Prevention Training

  • Security and Safety Consulting

  • Addiction Recovery Support

  • Family Support

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