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Cash or Check
Checks are made out to 'Regenerate' and sent to:
Regenerate Inc,
PO Box 242
Bellwood, PA 16617-8777

Your Whole Donation is Donated

No Processing Fees!

Recurring or just one time

Pay Online - Monthly
For One Year,
Two Years,
or As Long As
You Choose.

Convenient & Recurring

80% of recurring donations support:

  • Training, accountability, and reimbursement, for believers providing direct aid and friendship to those at risk of being trafficked or exploited.

  • Educating communities on human trafficking awareness & prevention through workshops, classes, and distribution of human trafficking awareness materials.

20% of recurring donations support:

  • The compensation and reimbursement of Regenerate's staff & volunteers.

Non-Profit Status Support

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

70% of one-time donations support:

  • Regenerate continuing as a 501c3 non-profit organization by covering taxes, licensing, and other legal and professional expenses.

30% of recurring donations support:

  • Education, awareness, and prevention work in communities. 

  • The compensation and reimbursement of Regenerate staff & volunteers.

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