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Our mission is to prevent men, women, and children from entrapment in the exploitation and trafficking of humanity and to promote a life of freedom, integrity, and hope through Christ's love and gospel.


Cash or Check
Checks are made out to 'Regenerate' and sent to:
Regenerate Inc,
PO Box 242
Bellwood, PA 16617-8777

Wet grass


We are cutting grass and all profits go to Regenerate Inc.

How To Help

  • Volunteer to cut grass with us.

  • Donate lawncare equipment and supplies

  • Gift cards and donations to cover repairs, equipment, gas and other fundraiser expenses.

Let us know how you want to help:

Host A Fundraiser

Regenerate Inc is a Christian 501c3 non-profit organization training Christians, Christian ministries, churches, and parents within communities to decrease the risk of exploitation and human trafficking within their community.

If you have an idea for a fundraiser and would like to help us raise funds and support for Regenerate Inc,

contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

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