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Our mission is to prevent men, women, and children from entrapment in the exploitation and trafficking of humanity and to promote a life of freedom, integrity, and hope through Christ's love and gospel.

Our Leadership Team

Caleb Miller
Executive Director
Co-founder of Regenerate Inc.

Harold Tuggy

A.T. Holder
Agape International Mission - Country Director – Belize

Dennis Braun


Nancy Head
Advisor & Editor


We train Christians, Christian ministries, and churches to prevent human trafficking and exploitation within their own communities.


Meet with us over Zoom or in person to learn more about Regenerate Inc. and the exploitation prevention strategy that we utilize and train Christians, Christians ministries, churches, and parents to use for decreasing risk in their community and their family.

Write Us: P.O. Box 242 Bellwood, PA 16617

Email Us:

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