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Our Mission
is to prevent men, women, and children from entrapment in the exploitation and trafficking of humanity and to promote a life of freedom, integrity, and hope through Christ's love and gospel.

Our Priorities
1st to live in obedience, faithfulness, and integrity before God and before the families God has given us.
2nd to train Church leadership & Christians to recognize potential targets and prevent exploitation and human traffic
king within their immediate community through intentional relationship as a parent, teacher, pastor, or neighbor.
3rd to educate communities and community service workers on human trafficking, the importance of prevention, and what they can do to prevent it.

Decision Making
Scripture & Holy Spirit
Life giving Gospel
Support our Mission and Priorities
Many Advisors

1. God's Kingdom First

a. His Teaching & Instruction

b. His Rewards

2. Personal Integrity

a. Practicing What We Teach Others

3. Training the Church to prevent human trafficking & exploitation

4. Community Education

Regenerate Resources
Church Resources: In-person or ZOOM workshops & prevention consulting.
"BE A FRIEND" - 8hr instructional workshop for small
teams of Christians.
Intentional Parents -
Parent/Child Training - Training parents with their children to develop openness with each other, boundaries, protections for their family.
Prevention Consulting - ZOOM meeting or building walk-through, for tips, insights, and suggestions for increasing protection for those you are responsable for.

Cost: Travel expenses + Donation to Regenerate


Fully Supported by donations.
We want our expenses to match our priorities.
We want to reimburse actions we want repeated and are in line with our Mission & priorities.
Accountability from board and leadership team.

We don't share pictures, names, or personal information of those we help or minister to. 
Keeping confidentiallity 

Leadership Team


Caleb Miller
Executive Director
Co-founder of Regenerate Inc.

Harold Tuggy

A.T. Holder
Agape International Mission - Country Director – Belize

Dennis Braun


+2 Directors



+2 Advisors

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