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Friends Having Coffee

If You Are Able

Be a friend and try to get to know them.

In your attempt to be a friend and to understand their story. 

Are you seeing more signs of control, abuse, or exploitation?


Learn To

  1. Identify and prioritize your circle of influence.

  2. Recognize who within your circle of influence is at risk of being exploited.

  3. Be a friend to those at risk, while establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

  4. Network with other believers as a team and utilize the resources within your community.

  5. Respond appropriately to suspicions, reports, and complaints with love.


Sex Trafficking Prevention  - Workshop

1. Click on the box below labeled, "PDF: Study Guide", and print a copy for everyone in your group.

2. Go to the Study Guide and start with "Introduction". When directed in the study guide to watch "Video: Introduction", click on the video below with that label. Continue following the directions provided in the study guide through each session until you have completed the workshop.

​BE A FRIEND contains adult themes and terms which some may find triggering, disturbing, or offensive, particularly in the Introduction and in Session 6. Please review the material before deciding if and how you want to use it with others.

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