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Friends Having Coffee

If You Are Able

Be a friend and try to get to know them.

In your attempt to be a friend and to understand their story. 

Are you seeing more signs of control, abuse, or exploitation?



Sex Trafficking Prevention  - Workshop

Learn To

  1. Identify and prioritize your circle of influence.

  2. Recognize who within your circle of influence is at risk of being exploited.

  3. Be a friend to those at risk, while establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

  4. Network with other believers as a team and utilize the resources within your community.

  5. Respond appropriately to suspicions, reports, and complaints with love.

Purpose: To prevent human trafficking and exploitation within your circle of influence through intentional friendship and parenting.

Time Commitment: BE A FRIEND contains 8 hours of instruction and group discussion +  assignments to be completed on your own time. The entire workshop should take at least 8 weeks to complete. 

Cost: The cost of this workshop is covered by the monthly donations from Regenerate Supporters. If you attend this workshop, please consider making a donation to Regenerate as well.

BE A FRIEND Material: This workshop includes a study guide and videos. Attendees are responsible for printing their own study guide and bringing it to class.

Find or Start a BE A FRIEND group

If you are interested in finding or starting a BE A FRIEND group in your community,

please email to discuss details with executive director, Caleb Miller

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